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Before going into depth knowledge firstly let us know what keyword research is?

Keyword research is known to be a core SEO task. It plays a very important role in the world of SEO and online searches. It’s main task is to recognise and identify popular searches or words which are searched by people into search engines. This keyword identification is then used to decide the rank of a particular website. There are researchers and marketers who understand the demand of a particular keyword. In other words, marketers can understand how high demand is there for a particular keyword or how many times a keyword is searched by a customer into search engines. It is not only looking for how many times a keyword is searched in search engines but it is also about exploring many ways people use to search the keyword or a related topic.

Importance Of Keyword Research

Keyword research not only plays an important part in search engine optimisation but also on content writing. This is because of the help it provides finding ideas for blogs and posts on social media. Having good and popular keywords into your website can ultimately increase the website traffic for your website.

How to do keyword research?

It is said that a website’s foundation is built up on keywords. Everyday new keywords are being created, so updating your website with these keywords is very important. Updating your website with new keywords keeps a chance of bringing your website to the top of the search engine results page. Keyword research is a simple task to do. Firstly go to any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Bing and search for a word or a related topic in the search bar. The keyword or a related topic which you type on the search bar is called a “seed”. Everything starts with the seed even in real life. Do you remember when you search for anything on a search engine, only websites which are related to it are visible. This is done by the search engine. It recognizes related keywords and according to various other parameters and ranks the websites. These ranked websites are then displayed. Once the list is shown it is obvious that the website on the top of the list is the one which has the best related keywords. Generally in SEO as said, keywords play a very important role. They guide the website and show whether the website is making progress in terms of SEO.

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What is Keyword Targeting?

A specific keyword is generally put into a website covering a particular area, this is called target marketing. A specific area is considered and an analysis takes place which reveals what all keywords are searched the most in the particular area in any search engine. Taking this into consideration websites are designed. They make sure that these keywords are put into the website to gain more website traffic. There are tools available online which tells the search volume for a particular keyword.

Now you might be wondering what search volume is?

As already said, search volume is nothing but the number of people searching for the same keyword or a related keyword in search engines. There are few keywords with very high search volume and there are also keywords which have a very minimum search volume. But stuffing your website with highly search keywords in order to gain more traffic isn't going to do any good. Both types of keywords must be entered. It purely depends on the skills of the service provider whether he/she is able to get your website a good rank.


It is very advantageous if the keywords are season based. For example if it is christmas time, then you can add keywords related to christmas. This can help in increasing the traffic of the website. There are different seasons in which one can enter keywords related to that season. Especially when it comes to Indian culture, there are hundreds of festivals happening during a year. So, it is a great opportunity for a businessman to start a business in countries like India. Countries as such can provide service providers who can provide you services like keyword research. There are many good companies or firms claiming to give you the best services.

Today we find keyword tools which help determine the search volume of a particular word. Each search engine has a different tool. You can easily get free keyword research software online. For example, let us consider top search engines like Google and Bing. For Google there is a tool called Google Adskeywords planner. For Microsoft Bing there is a tool called Bing Ads keywords planner. Similarly all the search engines contain these types of tools. Also these types of tools have their own statistics which show the results. There might be a slight difference between tools. It solely depends on the search engine.

How can we help you ?

Our role in this is to make a good website by putting the right and related keywords to the website. We provide experts and professionals who are experienced in their particular field who can guide you to have a good website with proper and required keywords. Making use of an expert possesses a far more advantage rather than going to a random firm who claims to provide best services. Selecting a good firm which provides services is a very important task. A good services provider can change the tables for the company. Assigning an expert is a very good advantage and I personally advise you to make use of this opportunity. Our company is one of the top companies which guides the users into having a good website.

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Obviously, there are countless ways to drive traffic to your website. Web Design and Development is a very important aspect of our services. Our Canadian company specializes in creating Search Engine Optimized web designs. Finding and inserting the most searched keywords into your website’s content can be one method. Internal and external link building can be another part of search engine optimization. These are a just a few commonly used methods. There are hundreds of search engine optimization variables to consider. Through years of research, our SEO company has developed the most effective Search Engine Optimization service strategies.

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