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Firstly let us know what graphic is,

When you turn a magazine, you generally find advertisements which are bright and artistic which are eye-grabbling. These advertisements are made by a graphic designer. Listing an example of graphic design is a good start but it does not show the full picture.

In simple words, graphics are nothing but visual images on any plane surface. Plane surfaces might include a wall or a flat screen or a paper, etc. some examples of graphics are photographs, drawings, diagrams, maps, etc. graphic design includes creation of logos, web designing etc.

Coming to the designing, graphic designing is nothing but a craft which conveys a message through visual aids. Generally graphic designing includes topography, photography and illustration. Graphic design is done by a graphic designer. In other words a person who does graphic design is called a graphic designer.

Want to be a Graphic designer, firstly know what graphic designing is?

Let us first know what graphic designing is and who graphic designers are.

You might also be wondering how to become a designer and how to teach yourself graphic design?

There is a standard definition given by the American Institute of Graphic Arts which is abbreviated as AIGA. The definition is:

“The art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content”. In simple words, graphic design is nothing but an art which conveys a message through a visual way.

There are a lot of things a graphic designer can do. A graphic designer can create meaningful advertisements for a product or a service, he can create logos for a particular firm, is not only used for the above mentioned purposes but it is also used in other contexts. Graphic design work is generally known to be pure artistic expression.

Elements of Graphic design

Graphic design is an art learning which can improve imagination skills. It is also not that easy to master graphic design. But one with determination can easily learn graphic design. There are a huge number of parameters which decide whether a person is good at graphic designing. There are also many elements which constitute a graphic design. These elements include:

  • Colour
  • Form
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Space
  • texture
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Graphic Design

Graphic Designing Principles We Follow

Graphic design also consists of principles which are nothing but a set of guidelines that help achieve a good design. These principles include:

  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Emphasis
  • Movement
  • Proportion
  • rhythm

Different types of Graphic design

Speaking of types of graphic design, there are few types which are mostly used nowadays. As the technology is advancing, new types of graphic design are getting introduced. There are also jobs which are emerging due to new and free graphic designs. A prominent statistic shows that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of graphic designers in computer systems design services grows by 24% within the year 2028. As the types of graphic designs increase, the number of jobs also increases as there is always a need for graphic designing.

The types of graphic design are:

Website designing

This includes creating web pages using different themes for companies and users. This includes the use of computer languages like HTML, CSS and Java, etc. It also includes layout, colour etc. For each type of graphic design there is a designated name for the person who does a particular type of designing. A person who does website designing is called a website designer. A person who has a good knowledge about computer languages like HTML, CSS and Java can become a good website designer.

User experience (UX) design

As the name suggests, it is nothing but the ease of a website to be used. In other words, it shows how easy it is to use a website, and how durable it is. It generally shows how a user experiences handling the website. Similarly a person who does user experience design is called a user experience designer.

Motion graphics design

Motion graphics is nothing but animation with visual elements. Generally a video is made using graphics. Some examples of this are: TV shows, video games, etc. a person which does motion graphics design is called a motion graphics designer.

There are also other jobs which people are interested in. These jobs are purely related to graphics designing. They include:

  • Art director : An art director is someone who creates art for magazines and newspapers. All the images in a magazine and a newspaper are purely the work of an art director.
  • Creative director : A creative director is someone who directs videos for television purposes. They generally plan advertisements. As the name suggests, the creative director looks for creative work and encourages people with creativity.

More About Graphic Designing

As graphic designing is such a huge steam, it is also achieved through vast knowledge and experience. Graphic designing is a huge stream and contains many tools which are called as graphic design tools. Now that you are familiar with what graphic design is and who graphic designers are, we can now proceed to know the different types of tools a graphic designer uses to create a graphic design.

Now as the technology has taken over all the traditional ways of designing, there is a specific graphic design software which is compatible with the latest design techniques. There are certain computers which are only designed for doing graphic design. Graphic designing requires a huge amount of power which a normal PC or a laptop cannot provide. When it comes to softwares there are softwares which have a good user Interface and are easy to use. One such software is Photoshop. Photoshop is considered to be one of the best softwares for graphic designing. Adobe produces some of the best softwares solely for designing purposes. These softwares include photoshop, illustrator and InDesign.

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