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Before knowing about the categories of SEO, firstly let us know what an SEO is.

Lets know about SEO (Off Page SEO and On page SEO)

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is known to be a process of increasing the web traffic for a particular website. This traffic is increased by increasing the visibility of the website. These services are found all over the internet. One can easily find an SEO service provider everywhere. For example a person searching for electronic stores for a smart phone searches for “best smart phones” and may find numerous websites selling the product. The person may select the top five or six websites on the search engine results page (SERP). Making the website visible on top of the search engine results page is the work done by SEO services. SEO is not only constituted to traffic but the most important ones are quality of traffic, quantity of traffic and organic results.

What is Off Page SEO ?

OFF Page SEO can also be called OFF Site SEO. OFF Page SEO are the actions taken outside of the website to make an impact on the rankings of the website in the search engine results pages. There are different factors involved in optimizing OFF Page SEO. Some of the important factors include Relavence, Trustworthiness, Authority.

Quality traffic

Traffic refers to all the people visiting a particular website. But what good is it if only a few out of all the visitors buy a product or seek a service from a particular website. So having quality customers means people who visit a particular website purchase a product or seek a service for sure.

Then comes quantity of traffic

Quantity of traffic

Once there is quality in traffic, a firm should work hard in increasing the quantity of quality visitors. This is how a company grows. This is achieved if your website is hovering over the top in the list of search engine results pages which is also known as SERPs.

Coming to the organic results

Organic Results

Organic traffic is the traffic which is unpaid if anyone visits a particular webpage when an advertisement is given. This comes from SERPs. This is seen near the left hand side of a domain name. Whether there is an icon called “Ad” then it is a paid website. I.e. when someone clicks on the website, the website has to pay for the respective search engine where the ad is visible. In other words, the website has to pay for the search engine for every click on the website.

Off Page SEO

Is OFF Page SEO that important

Now let us know how does OFF Page SEO matters? OFF Page SEO is the one which determines the rank of the website on the search engine results page. So as discussed above, having the three pillars of SEO is very important. There is also another important factor which plays an important role in determining the rank of the website.


Natural links

It is a link which is assigned without taking any action on the part of the page owner. Suppose a blogger pointing out his favourite product to a website is a natural link.

Manually built links

They are acquired by deliberate link-building activities. These types of links include things like asking customers to link to a particular website. It can also include asking influential people to share the content of the website.

Self created links

These links are created by practices. This is done with practices such as adding a backlink in the online directory, forum, blog comment signature, or a press release with optimized anchor link. There are different tactics to make a self created link.

Even though all the links play an important role, the one which contributes the most over others is considered to pass the equity.there are different signals which contribute to the links in a positive way. They are:

  • Popularity of the link site.
  • Authority of the link.
  • Trustworthiness of the link.
  • Number of other links in the website.
  • Content optimized website.

Why are we here ?

Our role in this is to make a good Off Page SEO website. We provide experts and professionals who are experienced in their particular field who can guide you to have a good OFF Page website. Making use of an expert possesses a far more advantage rather than going to a random firm who claims to provide best services. Selecting a good firm which provides services is a very important task. A good services provider can change the tables for the company. Assigning an expert is a very good advantage and I personally advise you to make use of this opportunity. Our company is one of the top companies which guides the users into having a good Off page SEO website.

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Obviously, there are countless ways to drive traffic to your website. Web Design and Development is a very important aspect of our services. Our Canadian company specializes in creating Search Engine Optimized web designs. Finding and inserting the most searched keywords into your website’s content can be one method. Internal and external link building can be another part of search engine optimization. These are a just a few commonly used methods. There are hundreds of search engine optimization variables to consider. Through years of research, our SEO company has developed the most effective Search Engine Optimization service strategies.

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