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A website (static and dynamic website)

A website is nothing but a collection of webpages, content which is related which has a domain name. A website is called a website if it is published on at least one server. Each website is dedicated to a particular topic like news, education, commerce, entertainment etc. users can access websites with any kind of devices. Different devices include PCs, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, etc. A website should be publicly accessible so that people from all over the world can see what products you sell or what services you provide. The world wide web is known if all the publicly accessible websites constitute together.

On the other hand there are also private websites which cannot be accessed by everyone. Only the people authorised can open them. Company’s internal website is one such example. The software application which is used on the devices which open websites is called a web browser.

Websites are divided into two categories. They are Static websites and Dynamic websites.

Static websites

What is the static website definition?

Static websites are the ones which have the same content and display the same content and images to all and each and every user. Static websites generally contain a fixed number of pages. They also have specific layouts. For example if a person searches for an ecommerce website, he finds hundreds of websites on the search engine results page. He chooses a website and looks into the content, another person from a different place searches and opens the same website as the first person. Even the second person finds the same content and does not find any change in the content. It does not depend from which pace a person opens the website, it always shows the same content.

We Build Static Websites

Static websites are generally created using computer languages like HTML and CSS. These languages can be easily duplicated for other pages with necessary pages. Static web pages may still use server side includes which are abbreviated as SSI. Generally a website having more than three pages it is advisable to opt for dynamic websites. In other words it is better to choose a static website if a particular website is less than three pages. Static websites are said to be easier to build and maintain than dynamic websites. A static website can have different graphic elements like photos and videos which is similar to dynamic websites. Static web pages are generally available over HTTP.

Static web pages are those which need not be updated. There are many advantages using a static website. These advantages are:

  • Static websites provide good security over dynamic websites.
  • Static websites provide improved performance in various applications.
  • There is very less maintenance required for a static website and it is very less dependent on the system.
  • There is no cost required for the storage purposes because all the storage is stored in the cloud.

As there are disadvantages, there are also few disadvantages for a static website.

Dynamic part or functionality is to be performed on the client’s side.

Static Websites
static vs dynamic website development

Dynamic Websites

What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites are websites which can have both client-side and the server-side scripting to generate the changing content. Unlike static websites, dynamic websites are always changing. These types of websites use HTML programming for the basic structure. The client side scripting is done using HTML. JavaScript is also used for client-side scripting. A dynamic website is more functional. There is more interaction in dynamic websites than static websites. The client-side scripting refers to the code that is executed by the web browser and the server -side scripting refers to the code that is executed by the server. Dynamic websites are not just informative like static websites. Dynamic websites include aspects which are more interactive. Dynamic websites generally can be interactive using HTML forms. Dynamic HTML uses JavaScript code for the construction of the web browser. Generally while initiating a dynamic website, there is a performance loss.There is one way to simulate a certain type of dynamic website. These ways are used for avoiding the performance loss of initiating the dynamic website.

A static website and a dynamic website can be easily differentiable. If the page is more interactive, then it is a dynamic website. Whether the website is more informative, then the website is a static website.dynamic websites are prefered by most because it is very easy to maintain in the long run. They also show efficiency in data management. Dynamic websites, in the long run can be expanded with extra functionality.

Types Of Dynamic Websites

Similar to a static web page has two sides.i.e. There are two types of dynamic websites. They are:

Server-side dynamic webpage

In a server-side dynamic webpage, the whole construction of the webpage is controlled by the application server. There are different parameters which determine the assembly of every new web page.

Client-side dynamic web pages

It is used to process the webpage using different computer languages like HTML, JavaScript, etc. A web page even though can be dynamicon the client-side, it can still be hosted on a static hosting service. Examples of this are GitHub Pages etc. a dynamic web page is reloaded by the user or by a computer program entered by the user. The updated information either comes from the server or from the changes made to that page.

What is Our Role ?

Our role in this is to make a good website, both static and dynamic. We provide experts and professionals who are experienced in their particular field who can guide you to have a good static or dynamic website. Making use of an expert possesses a far more advantage rather than going to a random firm who claims to provide best services. Selecting a good firm which provides services is a very important task. A good services provider can change the tables for the company. Assigning an expert is a very good advantage and I personally advise you to make use of this opportunity.our company is one of the top companies which guides the users into having a good website, be it static website or a dynamic website.

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