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WordPress Development

Do you want to set-up your own blogging site or wanna create a feature-rich and interactive business website within a specified budget and time? Well, if your answer is affirmative, then a WordPress development service from SEO company in Canada is all that you need!

What is a wordpress development?

Firstly lets understand what a wordPress developer is:

WordPress is generally a tool used by bloggers. It is a free ad open source tool. It is also a content management system which is abbreviated as CMS. a prominent statistic shows that almost 32%of the top one million websites use WordPress. WordPress is generally based on computer languages like PHP and MySQL which is the abbreviation for My Structured query language. Almost more than 60 million websites use WordPress.

Since WordPress is an open source it is easy for one to use it for their websites. It can also be used without being PHP experts, but having one who is expert in WordPress is an added advantage. But generally anyone who has a basic knowledge of the internet can build a website using wordpress. Nowadays people who have no knowledge on wordpress and people from wordpress web development agency claim to offer good services which is a trap and there are many people who have fallen in this trap and lost money. There are also local WordPress development sites which claim the same. People like these hire unqualified people bluffing to be good at their work. Choosing a good wordpress website development services is the first thing to be considered while seeking services. Choosing the wrong services may cost the company a lot. The company’s online visitors totally are dependent on the websites. If the website is attractive enough, visitors may be converted to customers but if the website is bad the company may be collapsed to the ground.

What does a wordPress developer do?

A website developer is the one who is able to make custom plugins and modules for wordpress. A wordpress developer should have the capability to develop a theme around the WordPress. In other words if a person is not able to design a theme around the WordPress, then he/she is not at all a WordPress developer. A WordPress developer must be able to understand WordPress completely and is familiar with all the core functions in it and is also aware of all the functions and how all the things work inside it.

It can be said that all WordPress developers are PHP developers but all PHP developers are not WordPress developers.i.e. To work on WordPress a developer should know PHP but to become a PHP developer a person need not know WordPress.

Now let us know what WordPress advantages and components are:

What is WordPress?

In simple words WordPress is a place or a factory which creates or makes web pages. It can store content and can enable a user to create or publish his own web pages. Wordpress is known to be a template system which uses a template processor. PHP is generally used for WordPress.

  • Themes
  • Plugins
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PHP For Wordpress

PHP For Wordpress

WordPress makes it easy to create rich-content for a website, with powerful admin pages and the easy-to-use Customizer. However, built-in options aren’t enough, and you’ll need to modify a theme or create your own plugin, and PHP will provide you with all your necessities. WordPress is built in PHP that is a programming language, and if you want to take your WordPress skills to the next level, you’ll have to learn PHP.



Themes are something which changes the appearance of the websites. There are hundreds and thousands of themes for websites. A person interested can choose a theme and wolek on it to make his/her website look beautiful. Every WordPress requires at least one theme to be present.almost all the themes which are present are designed according to WordPress standards. These developing wordpress themes are designed using PHP, HTML and CSS. These are computer languages which are easily available online and you can learn how to use wordpress easily. It is better to learn by WordPress development tutorial online. There are two categories for WordPress,

  • Free
  • Premium

There are many themes which are available for free on the internet. These themes are available from open source. But there are few premium themes which give a classy look to the website. They are very unique and are very different from the free ones. The premium ones are available and are to be purchased. A person can create his/her own theme by having the knowledge of html, CSS and PHP.


How to write a wordpress plugin?
Plugins in WordPress are used just to extend the features of a theme. Using this one can add or remove features from a particular theme. A statistic shows that a website called WordPress.rg hasmore than fifty five thousand plugins which are available. Each of these plugins are used to manipulate their website according to their needs or wants. Plugins are also classified into two categories. They are:

  • Free
  • Premium

The free ones are plugins which are available for free on the internet. The premium ones are charged as they are unique and give a better look for the website. A person has a lot of options or plugins to change his website. There are few plugins which are not upgraded to the latest version, downloading these themes may not help the user. These plugins may not work properly and can shoot troubles. One can use themes either by downloading it from the WordPress and installing manually via FTP or using the WordPress dashboard. A person who wishes to develop plugins must learn the WordPress hook system. A person without the knowledge of hook system is no good to develop plugins. WordPress generally contains over 300 hooks which are divided into two categories. They are:

  • Action hooks
  • Filter hooks

There are different apps for WordPress for android and ios systems. These apps have different applications such as adding new blog posts and pages, commenting and moderating comments, replying to comments etc.

Why Choose SEO in Canada For Your WordPress Web Development ?

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